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Easy Guide

First time Firewood buyers may be overwhelmed by the terms, the types and the quantities: 

"How big is a 4ftx8ft stack?", "What is best to burn?", "How much will I need for the year?"....

These and other questions are asked on an almost daily basis here at Berry Bros. Firewood Co.
On this "Easy Guide" page we will attempt to take the guesswork out of ordering for you.

The amount of wood you will need for a season depends on several factors, some are listed below:
How many days a week will you burn? 
  • How long do you plan on burning each time?
  • What type of wood will you burn?
  • Are you burning for ambiance, heating a home or both?
  • Do you have a gas starter or gas assist in your fireplace?
  • How many fireplaces will be used at a time?
  • Are you burning both indoors and outdoors?

  1. An average household burning firewood in an indoor fireplace 2-3 times per week during the colder months will require at a minimum a half cord. The type of wood recommended would be straight Juniper or Rock Pine, for a longer lasting fire we recommend mixing one of these with a clean burning hardwood. 
  2. A household burning firewood every day for supplemental heating will require, at a minimum, a full cord per season. Most people that heat with wood will choose one of our hardwoods.
  3. A person needing firewood for a couple of nights or a party won't need much wood, we have a drive-in retail yard that sells smaller quantities....small amounts are something we don't deliver, (minimum delivery is 4ftx8ft stack), we stock all quantities down to a $15 bundle. 

WOOD TYPES:  We have a complete page dedicated to many of the different firewood types (click on the link at the left of the page) I will list our recommendations here:
Our #1 most recommended and asked for firewood type is Juniper.

(Note: There are times during the season when certain types of wood become scarce because of their popularity, we will gladly offer our recommendations of a suitable alternative.)
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